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Plottapus is a random plot, character and writing prompt generator, perfect for breaking writer's-block or for coming up with quick ideas for stories or characters.  

Plottapus is ideal for:

  • Novelists, Screenwriters, and anyone who needs help starting a story.

  • Creating school writing assignments for your class.

  • Doing a daily writing prompt warm-up.

  • Coming up with names for characters in your stories or scripts.

  • Role-playing game adventure or character creation.

  • Writer's block help

  • Entertainment (Plottapus is prone to silliness and bizarre behavior - you never know what he will come up with next!)


Here's a quick tour of what Plottapus has to offer:


Quick Plots

Use the Quick Plots feature to generate quick story plot ideas.  Choose between different genres including General, Romance,Western,Sci-Fi, Adventure, Horror, Mystery and Comedy.  Or choose the 'Mixed' genre to create wild plots where plots, characters, locations, and props are mixed together.

You can further refine the plot by selecting a specific theme, such as relationships or revenge.  Hit the orange die on the page to create a randomized plot each time!  Plottapus does not always come up with something that makes sense, but sometimes it's the silly things that lead to great ideas later!

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Quick Characters

The Quick Characters feature generates four random characters, each with a randomized first and last name, and a description.  You can select various genres to affect the generator, so for instance Sci-Fi will introduce the possibility of characters with futuristic or alien names, where Western may create colorful "Mad Dog" monikers for people.  You can also limit the generator to create just male or female characters.   It can be used to create quick extras for a story if you are stuck, or maybe just use it to create interesting character names, and ignore the descriptions.  (Don't worry, Plottapus won't mind!)


 Writing Prompts

Use the Writing Prompts feature to get a daily writing prompt.   Each day, Plottapus will generate a random writing prompt for you to try.  The prompts are completely random and are not simply a selection  from a list, making it nearly impossible for Plottapus to generate the same prompt twice.   Writing prompt of the day is the same for every Plottapus user (on the same version of the Plottapus App).  So you can compare and share your responses to the prompts if you like.

Don't like the prompt of the day?  Want more? No problem!  Use the orange die button at the bottom to create as many new prompts as you like!


Design a Plot

Plottapus also has a more complex plot generator, that allows you to customize your plot.  Start with a random plot idea and then edit the characters, locations, and other aspects of the plot idea like events or props.   You can type in a different idea, or use the re-randomize buttons to create a new random value.   You can give your plot idea a name and save it for later reference, or share it via email or other Android apps.


Design a Character

Create fully customized character ideas using the Design a Character feature.  Start with a blank slate and add the things you know, and use the randomize buttons to fill in the rest.   Or start with a random character, and tweak it until it is perfect!  Then you can save your character for later reference, or for use in the Plot Designer.



Share Your Creations

Use the sharing button at the top toolbar of every page to email your finished plot ideas, or send them to other Android applications.  A partial list of supported Android applications includes these:

  • Google Mail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Android Email Client
  • Evernote
  • Google Drive
  • EF File Browser



Don't miss out!


Plottapus is available now at the introductory price of just 99 cents!   Download now and receive future updates to the plot, prompt, and character database components as well as new features and bugfixes.  Plottapus says:  "Isn't that worth a buck?"



Get the Full Version Here:

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