Questions and Answers about Plottapus


Q: How does it work?

A: Plottapus uses an internal database of plotline templates, that are derived from a variety of sources including literature, television, and film.  Each template is a general formula for creating a plot idea but it is varied and filled in with random content that is specific to a genre or theme.   The result is a unique plot idea every time!   Character creation is also randomized, using a large database of people names, occupations, and traits.   Plottapus generates a set of people for every plot idea, and uses them in the plotline template.   If you use the "Design a Plot" feature, you can add specific characters you create into a randomly-generated plot as well.

Q: Who is this app intended for?

A: Plottapus is designed for anyone who needs help coming up with a story or character idea, or for anyone who is stuck during the writing process and needs a hand getting back on track.  Writers of books or screenplays can use Plottapus for creating character names or descriptions when you just can't think of anything new.   The writing prompt feature come in handy for writers looking for a quick assignment to get them started each day. Game Masters and players of pen-and-paper Role Playing Games (RPGs) may find Plottapus useful for creating scenarios and game characters.  

Also, Plottapus can be entertaining for non-writers!  Browse through endless varied and sometimes outright funny plots and characters, challenge your friends to act out a plotline or draw a picture of one.

Q: Plottapus says weird stuff.  Will people really use plots from Plottapus for a story?

Sometimes the idea Plottapus comes up with is not what you want, but it spurs your imagination towards something you can use.  Not all the plots are great but they are easy to create, so if you encounter one you don't like our advice is to hit the button again!

Q: Why isn't it free?

A: We considered making Plottapus a free-to-download app, but we would then have to include advertising or in-app purchases, both of which we feel are somewhat annoying and detract from the experience.  So the bad news is you have to pay up front to buy it, but this gets you the full version, not a demo, and there will be no ads or other required purchases once you do.   

Q: Why are some plots non-nonsensical or inappropriate ?

A: The Plottapus algorithm is designed to deliver random and unexpected results, and to avoid as much as possible falling into a repetitive pattern.  The cost for this is that at times Plottapus will create plots that are silly, make no sense, or sometimes are even borderline inappropriate.  It is possible to write a plot generator that creates a higher percentage of plots that make sense, but we feel it would come at the cost of creativity.   We strive for improvement to Plottapus however so if you encounter a plotline that consistently has problems, or you find grammar or spelling problems, feel free to report these to us so we can improve the application!  

Q: Will there be an iPhone version?

A: Mad Ned Productions is very small and we don't have the resources or expertise to do an iPhone version of the application currently, so for the foreseeable future Plottapus is an Android-only application.  We are not ruling it out however, especially if the app becomes popular!

Q: Is there a tutorial / guide ?

A: Hopefully the basic features of Plottapus are fairly self-explanatory but we would like to publish a guide that shows some of the more detailed parts of the App, such as character and plot creation.  When this is available it will be linked to this site.  For now, you can get a basic idea of the features from the "Take a Tour" section.

Q: What's Next?

A: We are committed to improving Plottapus.  In the coming months look for Plottapus updates that will expand the database, adding new plotlines and associated pieces such as locations, character traits, events, and macguffins/props.  We are also working towards improving the algorithms to create better, more targeted plots.   We are also going to look into social media connection so you can share your plots and characters on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Q: I have a problem, how do I get support?

A: If you have a problem with Plottapus (crashing, unexpected behavior) please send us a report to   . 




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