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Mad Ned Productions is a group of software engineers that got together to make movies in our spare time.  We've done numerous shorts and competed in the 48 Hour Film Project challenge, where teams compete to make a movie in just 48 hours.  Plottapus was borne out of a desire to aid in the brainstorming process for writing scripts for the 48 Hour Film Project, but it also builds on ideas for plot creation for books that have been around quite a while.  

William Wallace Cook wrote a book called "Plotto" back in the 1920's that has been described as "An algebra for plot creation".  Wallace never lived to see the computer age but we are confident he would have liked Plottapus, if not written a version himself.   Wallace's work had many detractors, who felt that the art of writing could not be reduced to a set of algebraic tables.   Wallace tried to convince others that the point of Plotto was not to replace the creative function of the author, but rather to augment it by providing new and unexpected possibilities.  Plottapus draws on many of the ideas in Wallace's book, and adds in some algorithms that would not have been possible without a computer to help.    

We hope you find it enjoyable and useful.  If you encounter any problems with Plottapus or wish to contact us about the application, please send us email at:  





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